Wednesday 21 March 2012

NHS Reform

Honestly, you're a fucking idiot if you think the damage the government is inflicting on the NHS is either repairable or a good idea. When you pay for your own healthcare (insurance or not) - and that's if you can afford the premiums (I'm sure no one will try to make money out of that ... !) it's so much easier to not go to the doctor, to ignore the little niggles that you know you shouldn't ignore at all. You'll wait instead until your cock drops off or your heart explodes, and forget about calling an ambulance in an emergency - do you know how much those fuckers cost? Shitdickery at its height. The rest of the world admires the British NHS. That's right, "admires". So let's cack on it and destroy it with our meaty fists of greed. Shame on you, Tory bastards and Liberal turncoats.

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