Thursday 10 May 2012

The Ever-pervading Bullshizzle Pt2

And now that I'm warmed up, how about all those who don't roll it white Anglo-Saxon heterosexual missionary style? The biggest group in our world is not the straight white Anglo man. It's EVERYBODY ELSE! We're the ominous Other that threatens the patriarchal Western hegemony bullshit munchers in Hollywood - not to mention a few other rather more important places (I believe it's Capitol Hill in the US and Westminster in the UK, and that's just for starters) Stop being afraid we all want to castrate you, you giant cigar smoking ballbags. We don't give a fig about your stretchy plums, maties, we do give one, however, about your real cajones, the kind that make a chap want to take chances, that make us want to breathe fresh air, experience new things, go out on a limb, or whatever other cliché you care to chuck out there. Shake that shit up baby, because come the revolution your bags of money are going to mean squat. Character and cajones. That's what we want. Now provide.

The Ever-pervading bullshizzle of the Male Power Fantasy Movie et al

Epic bullshizzle. I just took a quick look at the Apple Movie Trailer page and the plethora of male power-fantasy movies or movies from a male perspective makes me want to punch someone in the face, female power-fantasy style (but obviously in a peaceful way as I abhor real violence ... ) I do love a bit of the Mad Man-meat Marauding (exhibit A my Facebook posting of The Expendables 2 trailer) but COME ON! How about a few big arse movies that aren't about flowers and hearts skipping a beat and coochy coos for women? Something with some BALLS, light on the ballbaggery. And fuck you already with your "come on Chloe it's not like that" BULLSHIZZLE. I already called it, suckahs (Anyone mentions Scarlett Johansson and I'll kick yo' ass in a Vegan style. You won't recover)  I don't even know what kind of film I want, but I know that I'd like something other than all that cutesy or even meaningful shit, not to mention elsewise other than a big arsed woman punching out fellas she'd never have a hope of smashing to the floor à la Angelina "Preposterous Jab" Jolie. A woman that fights a man has to be smarter, surely, be quicker and relentless rather than a "beat 'em down Josie" type.

There are films out there, of course there are, I've got eyes and a fairly well functioning brain, but what's presented to us on the plate of big film studios is some epically skewed ballbaggery. There are women out here. Women who don't plait each other's hair and wait for Prince Charming. There are women who don't have kids, women who do and kick ass too, there are all kinds of us. Now where's our bullshizzle, bitches?!

Friday 4 May 2012

Advice to a young'un

There are many pieces of advice one could offer the yoof of today (and of any time) - from "be true to yourself" (such ballbaggery - try some lying to yourself first, because only then will you really understand that your way is better than the highway) to reach for the stars (and now I have S Club whatever in my head - music maestro, toots!) Well, such advice is all well and good but it's so utterly subjective and often pointless. I mean, most of the advice I could impart to a kid kicking it in the tower blocks and estates of South London would be about as valuable to him or her as that once given to me by a sixteenth century monk ...

I digress.

Anyway, if I was to give a young person some unsolicited advice, it wouldn't be about shining your teeth and crimping your gullet or wotnot. It would be this: Learn how to have a fucking good time on your own. If you can't occupy yourself, getting other people to do it will only make you into a raggedy annie ballbag. You are the master of your own ship, kids, so if your ship has no chance of making itself happy then what's the fucking point? What if everyone else died tomorrow? Would you be able to give yourself a merry chuckle now and again? I know I could - although obviously because I would be as drunk as the proverbial skunkery and high on sugar after the looting I would perform on the Chocolate factory and Supermarchés.

Being able to entertain yourself - hands out of your trousers young man - is vitally important. You are your only constant. Fact. So get on with the self-love. And now I have gone wrong (I only had one boddingtons, your honour ...)

Thursday 3 May 2012

Relationship advice. Just this once.

Generally, I wouldn't be the go-to girl on relationship advice. I've had one significant relationship in my adult life (Reader, I married him) and a year long relationship when I'd just turned 18. So what do I know? Anyway, during a conversation last night with my friend Fiona, I realised that I do have some insight into what makes a long term relationship work (because, no shit, it's our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday and this year we've been together for 20 years) Of course, I was pretty drunk and became overly delighted with myself for five minutes before meandering off into a tangental reel of other nonsense. So what is this nugget of advice, you ask? I can hear your bated breath from here.

Well it's this - "compromise" doesn't necessarily mean "sacrifice".

That's it, man. That's what I've learned.

Don't get those two bad boys confused. Too often, I hear people bandy about the term "compromise" as though it's tantamount to being branded on the forehead, i.e. this shit will scar you for life. No, it won't. Compromise is an agreement, on both sides, because you want to be together, you want to make it work. Oftentimes, you don't even know you're doing it. You go with the flow and work that shit out on the hoof. It's not one of you destroying your own life to make the other happy - you simply cannot do any such thing by making yourself unhappy. That's some fucked up thinking because, really, if your partner loves you, thinks you're a bang up fly dawg, or wotnot, why would they want to make you miserable? That, my friends, is A1 Ballbaggery. Capital B.

Of course, compromise isn't always easy, but it is necessary - and it doesn't mean ripping the arse out of things. You'll work it out. Because you want to. Because they want to. You don't have to rip out your heart and serve it up on a plate, but don't expect the other part of the equation to do so either. Roll with the punches and come up swinging, as they say, together. Find a way otherwise it's time for goodbye. Which is probably for the best.

Doctorin' the House - or, One Day, my PhD may come

I'm a student again. Well, sort of. I'm officially registered as an external student with the University of London's International Programme (Goldsmith's) which means that I basically have to teach myself a degree. I'm still writing and have planned it so I have plenty (or some, at least) time for both. Probably.

If only the vertigo would stop. The sudden stomach lurching knee-quaking moments where "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" shoots through my cerebral cortex and flashes its hot pink knickers in my mind's flinching eye. After all, I have a fairly easy life, on the surface at least. If I simply wanted to read books for the rest of my life, I'm lucky enough to have a husband who would support me. As long as I'm happy. But I'm not happy, not really. Autonomy isn't mine. I don't run my life, I often feel like I'm simply an appendage to his. He's the best person I know but he has his life and I need to remember that I have mine. Coasting along, constantly asking myself why I feel so unfulfilled - it's hardly a question with a difficult answer - has become about as much fun as grating my bum cheeks.

I've been afraid for most of my life, or so it seems. In reaction to the fear, I've bedded down into the comfort of my marital security and nested there like a legless elephantine-gestating-bird. Or something. However, amidst all that apparent safety, I've become lost. I'm halfway to the witch's house and the birds have eaten my breadcrumbs (actually I probably ate them and that's why I have a tummy ache, just to make matters worse)

It's time, as they say, to do or die (figuratively speaking, natch) I'm in much better shape than I have been in years, both mentally and physically; I'm the same person but improved and souped up, still afraid but feeling it and doing it anyway. This is in no small part down to the fact that in the past year or so things have changed, things and people around me have opened my eyes. We have a cracking group of friends who have shaken me up a bit (whether they know it or not) They've blown the cobwebs out of my recumbent brain and have made me want to take charge of my life again. My dear friends on the much-maligned Facebook (a facility that has practically saved my life over the past few years) have also stimulated and inspired me (Matron) I'm lucky to know a lot of smart and interesting people, many with a lust for life or, at least, a lust for not pissing their's right up the wall. They've inspired me to stop skulking in the shadows like an embarrassingly cheesy ballbag and come out into the open, to not be afraid to realise what I want, to say it out loud, and to go after it. They've made me be myself again. I like it.

My dream is to get my PhD and enter the halls of academia. That path might be open to me, but if I fail or if I deviate, at least I've tried, at least I'm living. It's a cliché, perchance, but all clichés ooze truth. Living in a world of constant wondering (what if, what if) is a ball aching way to exist. It grinds you down and robs you of your zest. And everyone needs a little zest.