Thursday 10 May 2012

The Ever-pervading Bullshizzle Pt2

And now that I'm warmed up, how about all those who don't roll it white Anglo-Saxon heterosexual missionary style? The biggest group in our world is not the straight white Anglo man. It's EVERYBODY ELSE! We're the ominous Other that threatens the patriarchal Western hegemony bullshit munchers in Hollywood - not to mention a few other rather more important places (I believe it's Capitol Hill in the US and Westminster in the UK, and that's just for starters) Stop being afraid we all want to castrate you, you giant cigar smoking ballbags. We don't give a fig about your stretchy plums, maties, we do give one, however, about your real cajones, the kind that make a chap want to take chances, that make us want to breathe fresh air, experience new things, go out on a limb, or whatever other cliché you care to chuck out there. Shake that shit up baby, because come the revolution your bags of money are going to mean squat. Character and cajones. That's what we want. Now provide.

1 comment:

  1. I bow unto the queen of the rant. You write this so we don't have to. You do a service.