Monday 11 June 2012

Cold Baths and Coffee

Okay. I confess. I just sat in a cold bath and now I'm drinking a cup of black coffee. It's summer, my thighs are wobbly as fuck and I'm trying some fat burning shitdickery that's probably lies, but sounded logical when I read it through properly. I've never tried an actual diet thing, crash, mad or otherwise, but thought as I pretty much have no one to please but myself for a few weeks I'd give it a go. The best thing about it is that I get to eat shedloads. Marv.

Cold water is cold. I mean like "motherfucking holy shit that's fucking cold" cold. It's obvious, I know, but actually sitting in it - on purpose - brings a whole new clarity to the concept of coldness. Don't worry, I was very careful. I have a thermometer to check the temperature and light but warm clothes on stand by if I have to hop out fast. These days I am Cardinal Vigilant when it comes to my well-being. I've got to exercise in a bit and then not eat for a while. I imagine my only vocabulary by the time I get to eat will be curse words. And moans. Soft, withering moans.

Wish me luck.


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    1. I know, I know, but I need a kickstart and I didn't fancy all that fasting/detoxing bullshizzle, so opted for something that was pretty much what I was doing anyway (except for the cold baths and coffee) I haven't lost weight for months, although I have maintained a fairly constant one for as long. Just need to get going again and my mind seems to function well on discipline at the moment - in so many more ways than one ;)

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