Thursday 10 May 2012

The Ever-pervading bullshizzle of the Male Power Fantasy Movie et al

Epic bullshizzle. I just took a quick look at the Apple Movie Trailer page and the plethora of male power-fantasy movies or movies from a male perspective makes me want to punch someone in the face, female power-fantasy style (but obviously in a peaceful way as I abhor real violence ... ) I do love a bit of the Mad Man-meat Marauding (exhibit A my Facebook posting of The Expendables 2 trailer) but COME ON! How about a few big arse movies that aren't about flowers and hearts skipping a beat and coochy coos for women? Something with some BALLS, light on the ballbaggery. And fuck you already with your "come on Chloe it's not like that" BULLSHIZZLE. I already called it, suckahs (Anyone mentions Scarlett Johansson and I'll kick yo' ass in a Vegan style. You won't recover)  I don't even know what kind of film I want, but I know that I'd like something other than all that cutesy or even meaningful shit, not to mention elsewise other than a big arsed woman punching out fellas she'd never have a hope of smashing to the floor à la Angelina "Preposterous Jab" Jolie. A woman that fights a man has to be smarter, surely, be quicker and relentless rather than a "beat 'em down Josie" type.

There are films out there, of course there are, I've got eyes and a fairly well functioning brain, but what's presented to us on the plate of big film studios is some epically skewed ballbaggery. There are women out here. Women who don't plait each other's hair and wait for Prince Charming. There are women who don't have kids, women who do and kick ass too, there are all kinds of us. Now where's our bullshizzle, bitches?!

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