Friday 5 October 2012

Leave the Pistol Behind

It's been awhile. I need to be a bit more disciplined with the bloggage, I guess. Still, here I am now with the exciting news that my story "Leave the Pistol Behind" (it's flash fiction so it's not terribly long or tiring for you to digest) was selected as one of the winners of Fox Spirit's ( International Talk Like a Pirate Day competition.

You can find the story here - Please read it and share it. Feedback is always appreciated by a not terribly confident writer.

Thank you!


  1. Well done and hella fun!

  2. Arrrr, tis most kind of ye te say x

  3. I really enjoyed this story and it looked like you had a good time writing it. Can't wait to see your story in Weird Noir.

  4. Thank you, Katherine (and sorry it took me so long to say so) I really hope you like "A Kick in the Head" ;)