Sunday 17 February 2013

A Short Treatise on the Ballery of Others

Sometimes people are balls. The trick is, I guess, to understand that this does not make you balls and that their ballery is their own concern. Also, expecting them to not be balls just because you can see that they are, in fact, balls or calling them out on the aforementioned ballery because they apparently cannot see it themselves is not necessarily going to reduce their level of being balls. Making your point is just going to wash away in their scrotal sac tide of ballery and you'll get heartburn. Which is balls. So think to yourself, I feel bad for your epic balls-ness but fuck it I'm not going to be balls about this ballery myself. I'm not going to "rise above it" or any of that shitdickery, I'm just going to worry about my own balls and maybe polish them so they're shiny and not clammy and sad like yours.

Break free from the ballery of others. Be in touch with your own balls.


  1. I'm in touch with my balls.

  2. I thought it was usually your foot in touch with other people's balls ...

  3. You have great balls. Your balls are so amazing, I'd polish them for you. *wink*