Monday 10 December 2012

I Stride Across Mountains

Something a little different from my usual fare, but my mind has been in need of a kick up the proverbial, so I did something healthy and focussed it into a poem. Get me!

I stride across mountains,
Take deserts by storm.
I sail through the heavens,
Strike camp on the moon.
I battle fierce ogres,
Fight demons of rage,
I tangle with shadows,
And strangle your shame.
For I am not timid,
Not tiny or small,
Nor will I be silent
Or frightened to fall.
I defy my adversaries,
My power is all –
I will not be transmuted
Into consumable form.
I am the wide ocean,
The sun and the rain,
I am forever and
Will never be tamed.

©Chloe Yates December 2012


  1. Lovely -- I think I will remember to read that whenever I am feeling less than kick ass.

  2. It would make me happy if you did, Prof. You gave me the kick up the bum I needed on Friday, thank you x